“A silent couple in humorous white.” [English]


Title of the show:
“A silent couple in humorous white.”

Creation and performance: 
Takeshi & Nozomi SHIBASAKI
Show time: 35min
Contact: CBA07312@nifty.com


To enjoy this unique comedy , the fact that they came from far away Japan, it does not interfere at all.This highly skilled Japanese couple use their unusual style of mime to portray the perfect couple in love. It’s like a mischievous ways of Jacques Tati, Buster Keaton and Yasujiro Ozu. Music with grace and elegance,
but are they… like a Manga.
Short sketches by them wearing very white costume :
”Photo shoot” “Doubles”etc..,it will be happy,If you like it.(=in French,”s’il vous plaît”)

Show time:35min.
The first prize from audience in Mim’off 2008/Périgueux,France

La chaux de fond,Suisse
La chaux de fond,Suisse

Invited to: Australia, Belgium, Chinese Taiwan, France, Holland, Italy, New caledonia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea,Spain,Switzerland, Germany,Thailand…